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Monday, May 2, 2011

Instructions for Servicing a Home Depot GE/Rheem Gas

Great resource for servicing a GE Rheem water heater.

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  1. Hot water pressure in both upstairs & downstairs showers is very low (hadle a trickly in the downstairs one which in enables us to take showers & it take an hour or more to run a tub. The sinks all thru out the house also have hot water pressure issues. We found that if you go down & turn the knob at teh hot water heater & the pipe directly to the hot water in showers it clears up then is fine for a few weeks then we have to do the same. NOW after doing it at least threee times a day we hadle have any.....going crazy. What to do. The house is old, has some new pvc pipeing but also has galvinized (sp) and copper pipes. What do you suggest. Money is a bit of an issue.